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First GLOBAL camera CLUB

We we are amongst  the first UK Camera Clubs to aspire to Global Membership. Already having members in Wales, Switzerland and Spain, we see our future as a truly Global Club. Initially we shall seek to increase our membership throughout the UK, progressing to other English speaking countries and finally opening to the world as a whole.


A club with a proud 100 year history, the Covid epidemic in common with many other Clubs, inspired us to move on line to keep our members interests alive.

We made the commitment to return to our physical base but to keep our on line presence in order that all of our members can participate fully in all aspects of Club life.

How it Works

Our traditional local members meet in Cowdray Hall as normal but we are projected live to remote members and at the same time, they can view those in the Hall  and interact fully.

Thus both our on line and physical members can or will be able to fully participate in Competitions ( both Digital & Print ), Presentations, Tutorials, Practical Nights and Model Shoots.

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We are still refining our interactions between our on line and real life worlds but we are pretty much there now.

Nevertheless we will plan our expansion in stages to avoid being over subscribed and overwhelmed. Hence our first target areas will be England Scotland and Wales.

That said if you come across our website, wherever you are in the World, you can apply to join right now.

Simply go to the menu above and select " Membership" - take advantage of our two week free trial.

We also want to reach out to the younger generations who have become prolific picture takers on their mobile phones. We know many of you already take great pictures, edit and post to Social Media sites. We plan to open seperate Competitions for you, as well as tutorials to help you improve, in a friendly and relaxed way. Of course we would love to see you acquire better equipment and move into the world of traditional photography but that is not mandatory. We understand your lifestyle maybemore digital,on your mobile phone or Tablet and we intend to cater for that. Some of you may like to play a leading role in that side of the club and we will welcome such aspirations.

Non Profit Club

Our fees simply reflect our costs. We are not out to make a profit, rather acting as a mutual Club for the benefit of all. If our expansion is a success, our fees WILL NOT increase. In fact we look for every opportunity to slash our fees to make the Club more attractive to members.

Our target size is unknown. If we grow substantially, we will look for more members to play key roles in the Club and we could sub-divide into niche or Country groups. That will be for us and you to decide down the road.

We would love to have you on board. If you would like to chat, email us ( link on every page at the bottom ) and we can chat on the phone or whatsapp.

Just be assured of a warm welcome, whatever level you are from beginner to advanced, there are no inner circles or privileged members, just friendship and help from like minded people.

Hope to see you soon

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