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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

13/2 - New page added ( Submenu under ABOUT ) Details plans to expand our boundaries.

This is a first draft. Let me know what you think...too much...too little...something to add. All comments welcome.

Ist Section of Website Manual written

Check here often to see whats new and how to locate it quickly

14/2 - New page added ( Submenu under ABOUT ) to dipslay galleries of images

2nd Section of Website Manual written

Quick links planned for front page

More Feb Updates:

Quick Links added

Honesty Shop added called Photoshop Actions - Try then buy - Pay £2 per Action to Club Funds

Pending better control over Folders within WIX, planned Entry of DPI Images via site on hold. We will need to continue sending by email.

Counter added to Site.

Testing automatic Watermark of Members Images including displayed Competition Entries

New watermark Designed for use on site

24/2 - New Member request for Image Folder added. Automated messages sent to responsible Officer.

24/2 - Updates to the Website manual section 2.3

19/4 - Chat bot removed. Replaced by enmail link for any enquiries

19/4 - Warning about copyright added to Member photo section as TCC cannot be responsible for pictures stolen from the site. This is unlikely however as only approved members can access this part of the site

19/4 - Coming Soon - Post it message

24/10 - How time has flown - we are now live as Our old site has a re-direct link to the new site. We are working on automating this.

24/10 - Post it Message has been withdrawn as it did not function correctly - this was an app and not something we wrote ourselves.

24/10 - We are working to get up to date League 1 & 2 results live on the site soon. Once established these will no longer be circulated and the website will be your sole point of reference. Anyone unable to access the website should contact John Taylor.

Ongoing - We will be looking to optimise our visibility on google and in web searches.

All sites linking to us need to be identified with a request to update their links accordingly

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